Effective January 2019 - New Education Standard for USATF Coaches Registry

To become registered a coach must complete the application process which includes the steps outlined below. Effective January 2019, all existing and future Coaches Registry applicants must fulfill the new requirement of the Education Standard.

The National Youth Track Coaches Association (NYTCA) shall act as the representative of the coaches of youth athletes for  USA Track & Field. 
​Developing interest and participation in the coaching of Athletics in the United States at the youth level;
Promoting Youth Athletics and athletes by promoting outstanding technical and ethical coaching, and by cooperating with and encouraging other organizations which promote the coaching of youth athletes; and
​Generating public awareness, appreciation, and support for Youth Athletics, USATF, and thus creating opportunities for athletes and coaches in youth.

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Vice President - Keith Combs
Secretary - Nancy Seifert
Treasurer - Larry Seifert

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